11.11.11 – 260 miles to Kirkstone Pass

11/11/11 was ‘One Day On Earth’. One Day On Earth is a huge collaborative production where the brief was for people to document our planet specifically on 11.11.11. Chosen pieces of the submitted footage will be used to produce a unique film to showcase our world on that day. We decided to document our day to contribute.  I was on the way to the Lake District with a friend that day and as we were travelling, we were unable to film a specific project so attached the GoPro to the car bonnet and filmed our journey there.  We did our best to keep it charged for the whole journey though it didn’t quite pan out that way…we were travelling from Wiltshire.  We did manage to give it a quick boost whilst on the motorway and made the journey edit continuously but unfortunately it didn’t hold out for the road to the top of Kirkstone Pass (I must buy a spare battery!), though in the edit it still works well.  We timelapsed the sun setting on Kirkstone Pass for the ending to our day.

Take a look here for yourself to see our journey.