A Short Film

In the last couple months, I have been learning Avid at my day job. It has been a steep learning curve with me having to edit together footage from an in-house event but it’s been a really interesting experience and I’ve learnt how to do everything from organising source material and preparing it for editing, defining my own workflow, techniques for editing sync and non sync video, customising project settings, enhance audio and levels for broadcast, using keyframes for image stabilisation and colour correction, and finally exporting for DVD creation! Unfortunately the finished product belongs to the company I work for and is not available online šŸ™

However, myself and the editor at work have become friends and in the first few months of this year we are aiming to make a short film. Over the holidays I headed out to do a location recce. Now, Iā€™m unsure of all of the details of the film as the co-producer is also the writer but I was told to find a local graveyard!! Intriguing I know but I thought this one was quite nice as graveyards go!

This is the first short film I have been involved in and have been thrown in at the deep end as co-producer and cameraman but I’m excited to be working on it! I’ll keep you updated on progress (via twitter) and when the short is finished, I will post it on here!